Pearl. Who we are.

History and Philosophy

Pearl Musical Instrument Company is a worldwide firm based in Japan that specializes in professional musical instruments, particularly percussion and flutes? Pearl's world headquarters are in Chiba, Japan, and the company has manufacturing facilities in Japan, Taiwan, China, and the United States, as well as a global distribution network.

Katsumi Yanagisawa created Pearl in a modest backyard factory in Sumida-ku Tokyo in 1946. Katsumi started off making music stands for the Japanese market, but as his reputation for quality and craftsmanship developed, he was asked to supply drums. Katsumi named his company Pearl after searching for a name that would be associated with long-term value and prestige. Pearl has risen from humble origins to become the legendary global leader it is today. Millions of musicians in every type of music have adored and performed Pearl instruments.

Pearl instruments have remained true to Katsumi's original concept of value and distinction for seven decades, from novice to working professional to some of the most famous recorded artists and live performers the world over.

Pearl expanded its production beyond percussion instruments in 1968, when it created a handcrafted flute factory at its Chiba headquarters. Pearl Flutes has evolved to become highly recognised by beginners, educators, and professional players for its lovely tone and meticulous craftsmanship. Pearl Flutes presently has two facilities for flute manufacture.

"Make and deliver top quality musical instruments adapted for the times to improve the world with excellent music," is Pearl's aim. Pearl has built a global network of production, engineering, sales, marketing, and distribution footprints to carry out this purpose.

Pearl has around 650 people worldwide, with offices in Japan, the United States, Europe, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Pearl pays attention, and as a "Total Percussion" brand, we design drum sets, marching and concert percussion, Latin and World percussion, electronic percussion, and other instruments to fulfil a variety of musical needs. Pearl is dedicated to providing high-quality instruments that enable artists to reap the numerous benefits of playing music.